My days lately have been filled with heartburn & impatience....with everything. Being 2 weeks away from due date, with baby number 3, has really been playing a huge game with my emotions, energy and ability to really enjoy & focus on the things on hand. Like my children, myself, the house, my husband.  I am… Continue reading Intention.


This oily life

I have been using essential oils for about 3 years now. It started as a way to incorporate more natural options into my (already) natural lifestyle. Mainly I was searching for the aromatic route that oils provide, creating my own "perfumes" & diffusing to fill our home with lovely smells. I did my research as… Continue reading This oily life


These Moments.

I'm going to be honest and say that there was a stretch of 2-3 months, that I just wasn't enjoying Motherhood, much at all. Of course, there were times when it was feeling positive, but majority of the time, I was just feeling, stuck. Between my daughters new found sense of determination, my son getting… Continue reading These Moments.


Not that kind of Mom(ma). 

I am not that kind of Mom who loves to play with their kids. The one who will drop everything right in that very second to play yet another round of engines or racing. I'm just not. But I will give them my attention when they ask for it. When they say they want me, when… Continue reading Not that kind of Mom(ma). 



Who here loves themselves? Like truly, deeply loves themselves. And not just the good parts, but also the 'flaws'. Not just during times when things are going swimmingly, but also during the times when there is sadness & heaviness. Do you still love yourself then? Or do those negative self talk thoughts come invade your… Continue reading Self-Love